The Realistic Rabbit Rechargeable by The Rabbit Company


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The Realistic Rabbit is a rabbit with realistic features including a great knob or head whatever you like to call it. Realistic Rabbit Vibrator with a good looking knob/head for that semi realistic feel to your fun, but I can’t go pass the cutest little rabbit clitoral stimulator with the soft little tickers it really does have its own little personality. The total length of the Realistic Rabbit is 21cm and insertable shaft at up to 9cm with a width of 3cm. Great for beginners to the more advanced. 3 Powerful Motors to provide so much power that you are not going to know what to do with it all, nah just kidding you are going to know exactly what to do with it. Enjoy yourself! Easy to use controls at the base of the rabbit makes selecting the level of power and the different levels of pulsating and stimulating sensations as easy a press of a button. The Realistic Rabbit is a great sized vibe that you could easily play and control it all with one hand. Rechargeable via USB cable no need to worry about batteries for this cute bunny. Silicone Material is a joy to play with smooth and sexy.The Rabbit Company – The Realistic Rabbit I will have to admit when it comes to the Rabbit Companies range of rabbit it isn’t easy to select just one. Every rabbit in the range are all fantastic in their own way, including the Realistic Rabbit. Realistic Rabbit Vibrator 3 Powerful Motors Easy to use controls Rechargeable Silicone Material