The Swan Kiss – Squeeze (Teal)


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For something a little different the Swan Kiss allows you to control your pleasure with squeezing the vibe. A Clitoral Kissing Vibe that has the adorable little lips shapes that you place on your clit to feel the magic of the vibrations run through the thousands of clit nerves endings. The Kiss is a perfect hand size vibe that sits faultlessly in your hand no matter which way you want to hold it. Squeeze Control for Ease of Use is something a little new in the adult toy world. It is really quite simply all you have to do is squeeze to the level of fun you want. If you want it light and easy all you need to do is very gently hold this cute hand held or insertable vibe and ever so softly squeeze it. Then when you are ready to go a little more squeeze a little more until you are squeezing this kisser to you scream with delight. Or you can squeeze by using your pelvic floor muscles, this not only provides the kissing pleasure but helps with your kegel exercises. You will have fantastic muscles that you can control at will in no time. Set Your Own Personal Settings, once you have played with your kiss you may find a couple of perfect patterns that you love and want to make sure that you can find them again. All you have to do is set up the mimic mode and you will have them on hand, literally! Made with Silicone Material for the ultimate in sex toy experience. Smooth and subtle to the touch with no nasty chemicals that some people may be a little sensitive to. Waterproof and USB Rechargeable are words that many of us are becoming quite particular to when buying our toys. Waterproof toys are so much fun when you can take them in the shower or bath with you and rechargeable simply yeah to no more batteries. The Swan Kiss with Squeeze control is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your special alone time with the ultimate of pleasure. A Clitoral Kissing Vibe Squeeze Control for Ease of Use Set Your Own Personal Settings Made with Silicone Material Waterproof and USB Rechargeable