Vixen – Lush Life Lace Plunging Romper (One Size)


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We don’t often think about how easy it is to make us feel a little bit special, for ourselves and/or our lover, but especially for ourselves and lingerie brings that simply and easily and the Vixen Lush Life Lace Plunging Romper is perfect. Lace Plunging Romper is a one piece of sexy lingerie that you’re able to wear on its own or with a special outfit, dress, skirt, etc and the second you slide it onto your body you will feel sexy and special. The Romper is adjustable to fit and due to the design it will fit sizes 10-14. Halter Neck Style allows for the plunge line and goes around your neck. Delicate Floral & Eyelash Lace Design the lace floral design is so delicate and pretty, not too floral and it’s incorporate in the sexy black lace all the way over. Eyelash Lace Design is something you may not have heard of before when it comes to material, it just means that the lace around the patterns is fine, see-though and sexy. * Please note: This product is shipped separately from our warehouse in Melbourne and same daydespatch cannot be guaranteed.This item is not available for delivery outside of Australia. VIXEN LUSH LIFE Lace Plunging Romper is a sexy number which a feather lace plung which will show off your stunning breasts and body. Lace Plunging Romper Hatler Neck Style Delicate Floral & Eyelash Lace Design Hand Wash