Zumio X Intense 7″ Clitoral Stimulator with Oscillating Tip


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Orgasm in less than two minutes, achieve multiple, or explore for as long as your please!
This intense clitoral stimulator can deliver it all, with a small tip designed to mimic circular finger motion and send whirling pulses to specific sensory areas.
Lightweight and featuring a non-vibrating handle, it’s easy to hold in one hand when alone, during sex and in different positions.
For pleasure every time, use the tip to increase pleasure just outside your zone, build excitement by getting closer to it, then finish right on your sweet spot.
Comes with a one-year warranty claimable for through the retailer.
Note: Due to it’s small tip, this clitoral stimulator delivers a highly intense experience.
Before first use, this product requires a long charge (overnight).