Priori DNA Eye Recovery Crème 15mL


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Praise the Gods of Skincare, finally a nourishing textured eye cream that contains a hit of retinol, without a hit of irritation at the same time. Rich in texture without feeling greasy or sticky, this eye cream is instantly smoothing but also has some seriously impressive long term benefits thanks to the inclusion of retinol and hyaluronic acid, and preventative care in the form of DNA repair enzymes protects against environmental damage. Put your feet up and relax – Priori ‘s got this one, guys! What are the key ingredients of PRIORI DNA Eye Recovery Crème? Retinol to promote skin resurfacing, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as minimising the appearance of any stray pores DNA Repair Enzymes and Butterfly Bush Extract to protect against environmental damage, especially from HEV blue light sources, pollution and infrared. Hyaluronic Acid – to promote hydration, plump skin and minimise fine lines Vitamin C – to brighten the skin, protect against free radical damage and promote collagen production, to keep the under-eye area looking firm and bright for longer. Vitamin E – to hydrate, nourish and protect the delicate under-eye skin area as well as soothing any potential irritation. What kind of skin is this suited to? We would recommend this for those wishing to smooth and plump the delicate under-eye area, or for those looking for a preventative eye cream with plenty of antioxidants included. This contains no artificial fragrances, so could be a good option for those with sensitive skin who want to dip their toe in the retinol pond. We’d recommend patch testing before use in this case. Can I use this every day? Absolutely! Due to the incredibly gentle nature of this eye cream, it can even be used during the day (although, of course we would recommend following with an SPF during the day!) It’s also suitable to be used twice a day if preferred, or you can just stick to once!