St James of London Post Shave Gel 100ml


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Our post-shave gel takes your shaving experience to the next level of care.

Forget the world of sticky gel residues or pore-clogging lotions.

This alcohol-free shave gel leaves your skin soft and smooth, with a soothing, polished finish of hydration and health.

Scents Cedarwood & Clarysage An authentic fragrance with a modern twist blending the soothing mineral notes of Spicy Pepper, sweetened with Bay Rose, Geranium and wrapped around Atlas Cedar to enhance the earthy tones.

Understated and pure classic.

Mandarin & Patchouli Sophisticated.



Beautifully blended sweet notes of Sandalwood and Patchouli, infused with iced Mango, Green Accords and Jasmine.

Lavender & Geranium Two of the best ingredients for healthy skin – Lavender & Geranium.

Virtually fragrance-free, our Lavender & Geranium is super subtle and hardly noticeable.

Perfectly compatible with all colognes.

Black Pepper & Persian Lime A modern classic grounded in Woody notes, Peppercorn oil, and infused with Persian lime.

Perfectly clean, refreshing, and sophisticated.

Sandalwood & Bergamot Warm and calming, sandalwood carries the reputation of a lasting, classic fragrance, without ever overpowering.

By adding the soft energizing fragrances of Citrus, Jasmine, Amber and Vanilla, St.

James balances this traditional scent, giving it a timeless English core.

Tonka & Tobacco Flower Reminiscent of a British Gentleman’s club highlighted with an opulent blend of pure and sultry notes of aged Tobacco Flower, Tonka Bean Cocoa, Frankincense, Raspberry, Precious Woods, and a subtle undertone of soft suede.