Stag Supply Beard Oil Red Gummy Bear 25ml


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As if the smell of gummy bears isn’t good enough, we had to dig deeper and recreate the scent of everyone’s favourite.

the highly coveted Red Gummy Beard.

This Beard Oil is sure to be a fan favourite, it took a long time to get the scent of this one right, but man did we know we’d hit the spot when we did! Experience Stag Supply’s popular Beard Oil blend in the limited release red gummy bear scent.

Strictly Limited Release, Get It While You Can.

Stag Supply beard oil is handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients and designed to be a light weight non greasy oil.

Crafted with a range of carrier and essential oils, all picked because of their benefits for your hair and skin, ensuring your beard gets all the vitamins and minerals to foster a healthy environment.

The formula locks in moisture, leaving your hair and skin soft, luscious and itch free