Stag Supply Beard Oil Spice Smuggler 25ml


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A young privateer running a couple of kegs of his finest beard oil up a pale moonlit beach hides his highly sought after blend in a cave and sprouts his wares throughout the local town.

Secret hush, hush business.

That’s the inspiration for our Spice Smuggler Beard Oil.

A well-rounded and sophisticated scent of clove, black pepper, distilled lime, sweet orange and a special little hint of bergamot.

If the Redcoats seize you, you didn’t get it from us.

Our beard oil is handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients and designed to be a lightweight non-greasy oil.

Crafted with 11 different carrier and essential oils, all picked because of their benefits for your hair and skin, ensuring your beard gets all the vitamins and minerals to foster a healthy environment.

The formula locks in moisture, leaving your hair and skin soft, luscious and itch free Directions Apply 5 to 7 drops of beard oil daily to a damp beard, work the oil through your beard making sure you reach the skin beneath.

Finish styling your beard in the direction you desire with the remaining oil on your hands.

Notes Aromatic, Spicy, Invigorating, Clove, Black Pepper, Lime, Sweet Orange and a hint of Bergamot.