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1920 the era where it all began, the time where the modern barbershops and classic men’s scents started to come alive.

It was a simpler time but a time where a man kept his look sharp and his scent even sharper.

Nineteen20 is for the timeless gentleman, it’s an energizing masculine scent with a clean sharp finish.

It’s a strong yet sweet classic manly scent blended with aromatic spices and orange zest.

It’s a classic with a longevity that never goes out of style.

CONCRETE Solid Cologne is designed to travel with you as an easier, convenient, strong smelling and long-lasting alternative to spray colognes.

Its small click top design allows it to fit in your pocket or bag wherever you go ensuring you always smell magnificent wherever you are.

Apply in the morning for an intoxicating scent that lasts around 8 hours and conveniently reapply whenever you need a boost to impress throughout the day or night.

Directions for use : Slide back lid and melt some product by rubbing your finger across the top of the solid cologne.

After a second or two you will have some melted cologne on your fingertip, rub cologne on your pressure points on your wrists and behind the ears.

Slide back lid, pop in pocket and carry on like the classy gent you are.