Sunescape Luxe Self-Tan Application Mitt


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Designed to provide a perfect application of Sunescape’s self-tanning products.

The luxurious velvet, double sided self-tan mitt includes a thumb area so you can achieve a flawless, streak-free tan.

Ideal for total tanning control even in the most difficult areas like the back of knees, d?colletage, neck and elbows when applying your favourite Sunescape tan.

LUXURIOUS VELVET GLOVE BENEFITS Double sided Glove shaped mitt for ease of use Luxurious velvet material High quality material for extended product life Longer velvet hair – smoother on the skin Versatile – thumb area for better coverage Total tanning control for difficult to reach areas DIRECTIONS Wash before use, wait until self-tan mitt is dry before using.

Pump the Self-Tan Mousse directly onto the Luxe Applicator Mitt and blend over the skin in circular movements for even coverage.

Pump the Self-Tan Mousse directly onto the Mitt and blend over the skin for even coverage.

If you’re applying to the whole body, start on larger surface areas like the arms and legs.

Then, lightly blend any product remaining on the mitt onto areas like knees, elbows, heels and knuckles that tend to be dry and absorb more colour.