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Tease the most sensitive part of your body and bring yourself unbelievable pleasure with Your Majesty, Vush Stimulation’s signature wand vibrator. With an easy-to-hold ergonomic design and 25 different vibration settings, this quiet and powerful vibrator will treat you like the queen you are. Say goodbye to difficulty climaxing or sore wrists in the bedroom, and hello to taking control of your pleasure once and for all. Like all our sex toys for women, the Vush Your Majesty is designed to help you explore your body and discover what you like best. The 25 unique vibration settings make this luxury sex toy a step up from others on the market, and one of the best wand vibrators for both beginner and experienced users. Use it with a partner to enhance your time between the sheets, or turn up the intensity of your solo play time. This cordless, waterproof vibrator can even be safely used in the bath or shower, giving ‘self-care’ a whole new, sensuous meaning. After each use, Your Majesty can be easily cleaned with tap water and a gentle hand soap and discreetly stored in your Vush Black Velvet Storage Pouch. To recharge your wand vibrator, simply plug it into the included USB vibrator charger cable and let it power up between uses. Features Waterproof wand vibrator with 25 different settings Near-silent, discreet operation Rechargeable using included USB vibrator charger cable