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Bri Lee knows how the legal system in Australia works.

She is the daughter of a policeman who went on to study law and work as a judge’s associate in Queensland.

But when, two years later, she tries to get her own case of sexual abuse prosecuted in the courts, she comes to understand the harsh and brutal injustice experienced by victims of assault in Australia at the hands of our legal system.

This memoir, told with eloquence and empathy by Lee, is a powerful work of post-#MeToo writing and a reckoning for the Australian justice system.

Bri Lee is a writer based in Queensland.

Her work has been published in numerous places including the Monthly, The Saturday Paper and Harper’s BAZAAR.

Eggshell Skull, which tells the story of her experience fighting for justice in the Australian legal system, is her first book.

She is currently working on her next book.

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