Seeds of Spells x Sisters Village ‘Pisces’ Print – Bed Threads


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Sensitive, empathetic and open-minded, a Pisces is a friend to all, but with their own dazzling creative streak.

Pictured in the rippling water that is a Pisces’ true element, this Seeds of Spells zodiac artwork comes with a mantra from Sisters Village printed on the back.

Availably exclusively at Bed Threads, this print is an ode to the special qualities of a Pisces.

Seeds of Spells, otherwise known as Jessie White, is a Canadian artist creating paintings and poetry inspired by the mystical, the astrological, and the energy of the world around us.

Fascinated by the zodiac, Seeds of Spells has created a collection of magical earth-toned prints in collaboration with Bed Threads that celebrate the unique qualities of each star sign.

Accompanying each print is a mantra written by Amy McDermott of Sisters Village, the Adelaide-based astrologer with more than a million followers on Instagram.

Together, these star sign prints are the perfect gift for a friend, a sibling, an astrology devotee, or yourself.

Sold individually and unframed.

Each print is A4 size, with the artwork on one side and the mantra printed on the back.