A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner – Bed Threads


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Welcome to your new morning routine.

Wake up, get out of bed, and use your copper tool from A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life to scrape down your tongue, ridding your mouth of bacteria and bad breath in one swift movement.

Tongue cleaners are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve oral hygiene.

Fashioned from 100% copper, with thick, smooth edges and a wide groove designed to cover your whole tongue, you simply position it at the back of your mouth and, using the two front handles, scrape forwards while applying gentle pressure.

Scraping in the morning before eating or drinking removes overnight bacteria buildup and will activate saliva, improve digestion, and kickstart your tastebuds.

Trust us – it’s the quickest morning detox you’ll ever do.

A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life is a French wellness brand devoted to the Ayurvedic properties of oral scraping.

According to ancient tradition, tongue cleaning is an essential detox ritual that promotes spiritual well being through the gateway of physical hygiene.