Ayu Myrrh Incense Sticks – Bed Threads


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Thousands of years ago, people believed that burning myrrh and releasing its sensual fragrance into the air would create a connection between earth and the spiritual plane.

That’s how special this scent, with its nutty and sweet notes, really is.

Burn these incense sticks when you want to purify a room and as part of a meditation ceremony or ritual practice.

Inspired by a love of Ayurvedic medicine, Australian beauty brand Ayu is a celebration of the grounding and uplifting powers of fragrance.

The range of products is formulated as simply as possible, with naturally scented ingredients at the forefront.

The result is a line of perfume oils and incense that are not only effortless and elegant, but calming and healing, too.

Breathe in.

Smells good, doesn’t it? Each box features 20 incense sticks handmade in India using natural fragrances and sustainable ingredients.

Always use incense with care: keep the lit stick away from flammable items and make sure it burns in a well-ventilated and open area.