Scout Name Labels – Mini


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A good Scout is always prepared! Our name labels are the perfect organisation aid, ensuring that you can spot your gear within a sea of similar-looking belongings and that everything makes it all the way home with you.

Mini magic, these labels are the perfect size for whistles and medicine bottles.

Stick On Name Labels Stick On Name Labels are the ultimate in easy personalised identification! Just fill out your name, and choose your colour, font, and design.

Label items from compasses, books, drink bottles, whistles and medications.

The labels all come with a scratch resistant coating and are safe in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Mini Size Labels You know when you’ve found a pen that flows easily, fits perfectly in your hand and is the right combination of distracting and boring when you need to fidget? If you said yes, then you also know the devastation that occurs when you realise you have left or lent your pen to someone and have no way of getting it back.

As they say, if you like it then you should’ve put a label on it.

Our Mini Labels are the perfect size for your favourite pens as well as whistles, medicine bottles and more.