Kids thrive off being active and are happiest when their bodies are moving and they are out playing. Kids need to keep moving, and it is important to ensure that your kids get some form of physical exercise each day.

How much your child exercises each day depends on their age, and their age will also determine the type of physical exercise that your child needs.

Read on to find out more about physical exercise for your child, and if they are getting enough each day.

Pre-School Children And Exercise (3-5 years)

Should Your Child Exercise? What Are The Benefits Of Light Exercise For Kids? Pre-School Children And Exercise

Children aged 3 to 5 years tend to be very active, and are busy all day long. They do not necessarily need a set exercise routine, as long as they are allowed to be physically active throughout the day.

They should be given some outdoor time to run and climb and explore and should be given activities and crafts indoors that help with fine motor skills too.

There should be no problem getting a pre-school-aged child to be busy during the day. However, if needed, caregivers and parents should encourage the children to be active when they are playing.

School-Aged Children (6-17 years)

Should Your Child Exercise? What Are The Benefits Of Light Exercise For Kids? School Aged Children

Children and adolescents aged between 6 and 17 years need to have an exercise routine for the day. They should spend around an hour doing moderate to vigorous physical activity. This physical activity should be broken up into different exercises.

They should spend 3 days a week doing aerobic activities such as running, and the other 3 days doing muscle-building activities such as climbing.

Joining a sports team is a great idea, as it not only gets them exercising during the week, but sports teaches responsibility and teamwork, and they will more than likely make some great friends from their sports team.

The Three Types Of Physical Activity

The Three Types Of Physical Activity

There are three types of physical activity that your child should try to do each week. They are all so beneficial to the development and overall wellbeing of your child.

Aerobic Activity – Aerobic activity should take up most of your child’s exercise time. This could include walking or running, or any other type of activity that causes their heart rate to increase.

Your child should do at least 3 days of aerobic activity each week, spending 60 minutes a session.

There are other aerobic activities for them to try, such as cycling and swimming.

Muscle-Strengthening – Muscle-strengthening activities should also be included in your child’s physical activity for the week. This could be push-ups or rock climbing at the local gym.

Bone-Strengthening – Bone-strengthening activities should form part of your child’s physical activity 3 days a week or more. These are just as important as muscle-strengthening activities and can be combined together to form a really fun workout for your child.

Find some fun ways for your child to exercise each day, even if it is just at home. Set up an obstacle course for them in the garden on a sunny day. You could also switch on a kids-friendly workout routine on television for them to follow.

The more fun you make exercising, the more excited your child will be to exercise.

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