Whether you and your partner already have children together, or it is your second marriage, you will probably want to include your children in your wedding day. Each wedding is different, and one child might be comfortable being included one way, with your other child wanting to do it a little differently. Chat to your children about how they want to be involved, and then have a look at these special ways to include your children in your wedding.

Special Ways Include Your Children In Your Wedding

Bring Them Along For Cake Tasting

The chances are that your kids will jump at the chance to go cake tasting. Taking your children along to cake tasting is not only every kid’s dream, but it shows that you respect their opinion and that they do have a say in your special day. If you and your kids cannot decide on one flavour, see if the baker can do a half-half flavour cake.

Let Them Help With DIY Crafts

Not only will you be including your kids in your wedding day by letting them help with the wedding DIY crafts, but you will be crossing to-dos off your list as well! By doing some arts and crafts together, you are getting in some special time before the big day, and it adds a personal touch to your wedding.

Help Them Create Their Own Drink

Let your children work with you to make their own signature drink for the night. This could be their favourite cookies and cream milkshake, or non-alcoholic cocktails. It’s an amazingly fun night for them as well, so let them enjoy their favourite drink!

Give Them A Morning-Of Gift

Many partners give each other a special gift on the morning of their wedding. You should look into doing the same for your children. Give them something that they can keep and cherish forever, such as an item of jewellery or a watch. It shows them how much they mean to you, and that they are an important part of the special occasion.

Make Them Groomsmen And Bridesmaids

If you are open to it, and if your wedding is more relaxed, having your children as groomsmen and bridesmaids is so special. This is a good idea if your children are over the age of 10, and don’t really cut it as flower girls and ring bearers anymore. They can be part of the bridal shower, and the tamer portions of the bachelorette and bachelor parties. They can then dress up on the day of the wedding in a suit or gorgeous dress.

Include Them In Your Vows

Including your children in your vows, and making it not only about your partner, but your family, is a beautiful way to have them feel included. You could then hang a framed copy of your vows in your home to remind the family of the promise you have made each other.

Let Your Children Walk You Down The Aisle

If you no longer have your father to walk you down the aisle, or if you are looking for something less traditional, it would be a meaningful gesture to have your children walk you down the aisle. This is especially great if your children are older.

Children At Wedding

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