For mums who have a newborn at home, you will more than likely be carrying them around for hours on end each day. It is normal for your baby to be practically attached to you for the first few months, it comforts them, and it gives you time to take in all of their newborn beauty. However, it can be difficult to get anything done when you have a little one in your arms 24/7. One of the best solutions to this is babywearing. The benefits of babywearing for mum and baby are incredible, and once you wear your baby for the first time, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Babywearing has been around for centuries, but now we have some wonderful equipment that helps make it so much easier.


To figure out why babywearing is, and always has been so popular, and why you should start babywearing, here are some of its amazing benefits:

Travelling Is Easy

Babywearing makes travelling with a baby so much easier. You cut the need to have to push a stroller or pack and unpack a stroller wherever you go. It allows you to stay hands-free, while still having your baby really close. Mums with older children find babywearing their newborn easier as well, as your hands are kept free to hold your other children’s hands when you are out.

It Soothes Your Baby

Your baby will be so much happier when kept close against you, such as with babywearing. They will be comforted easier and will lull off to sleep easier and possibly even cry less. It is a wonderful way to keep your baby happy and content while still allowing you to get things done.

Babywearing Allows For Discreet Nursing

With a little bit of practice, you will be able to nurse discreetly, and hands-free while babywearing. You can breastfeed easily, and without anyone noticing, in a baby sling or wrap, and still be able to get on with other tasks and errands without having to sit down and spend a while only focussed on nursing.

Keep Up With Housework and Errands

While you should take as much time as you need to sit down and bond with your newborn, life often has different plans. You will more than likely have dishes to do and laundry to fold, and with babywearing, you can do all of this while still keeping incredibly close to your baby.

Babywearing Isn’t Just For Mums

Dads or partners can benefit so much from babywearing as well, and it allows for someone else to help soothe your baby while you have a little bit of a break. Mums aren’t the only ones who can run an errand while babywearing, and it gives your partner a way to contribute towards the care of your baby in the early days. It is also a great way for your partner to build a bond with your baby.

Your Baby Is Protected

Having your baby close up against you means they are more protected. There will be less chance of someone at the grocery store touching your baby, such as what commonly happens with babies in strollers. You can keep germy hands off your baby and keep your baby protected from germs and viruses!

The Benefits of Babywearing

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