Caesarean sections, otherwise known as C-sections, are fairly common, within around 1 in 3 mums giving birth this way. While C-sections are common, it is still a major stomach surgery, and many mums are not prepared for the physical recovery that comes with it. To help you better deal with the weeks after your surgery, here are the best C-section recovery tips.

Let Yourself Rest

Rest is one of the most important recovery factors for any surgery. However, with a newborn at home, it can seem impossible to get in some rest. You need to find a way to rest, whether it be sleeping when your baby does, having a family member watch your baby for an hour or two, or leaving the dishes to be washed tomorrow.

Ask For Help

Being a new mum, and going through surgery, can be so overwhelming. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. You will be caring for a baby after major surgery, everyone will understand. Ask your partner, a family member, or trusted friend to help with feeding, bathing, diaper changes, or even just organizing dinner.

It takes a village, and after a C-section, you will be so much better off asking for help. You don’t have to do it alone. It is in your best interest, and your baby’s best interest, if you give yourself what you need to recover quicker.

Go For Light Walks

While you should avoid lifting and other aerobic exercises in the first few weeks after a C-section, light walking can help keep you fit, put you in a good emotional space, and help with recovery.

Walking reduces the risk of blood clots and other blood vessel issues. You can take your baby out for a walk in their stroller, or join a mums group in your neighbourhood. Listen to your body and don’t push it further than you feel comfortable.

Use Pain Management

There is no reason for you to be in pain and struggling with all the demands of a newborn. Your physician would have prescribed you pain medication to take after surgery, which will be safe for breastfeeding. If the pain becomes unmanageable and the medication is not working, get hold of your healthcare provider for advice.

Work Through Your Emotions

Childbirth can bring up a whole rollercoaster of emotions. This is due to your hormone levels readjusting in your body, and the fact that you would have been through major surgery, and a major life change.

Do not push your emotions aside. Some mums even feel guilt and shame around having a C-section. Understand your emotions and talk about them. If you feel as though they become unmanageable and you start having dark thoughts, seek the help of a trusted family member or friend, and a professional.

Watch For Signs Of Infection

It helps to be mindful of the different signs of infections. This could be swelling, intense pain, chills, fevers, or red streaks coming from the incision.

Speak to your physician about the signs to look out for, and contact them should you notice any.

The Best C-Section Recovery Tips

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