Toddlers are busy, wild, and will tell you exactly what they want (and when they want it!) However, finding Christmas presents for them can be quite difficult. There are tons of different presents out there to choose from, but you want to spend your money on something worthwhile, and which they will actually use.

As Christmas is just around the corner, and you can start stocking up on presents now, here are the best Christmas gifts for toddlers!

Flash Cards

Fruit & Vegetables Flash Cards

Learning can be fun, and it is so important to reinforce this from young!

These Fruit & Vegetable Flash Cards are so cute and colourful and will help your little one learn about healthy foods. It is always a good idea to add in some educational gifts into all the toys you give at Christmas.

These flash cards also help your toddler learn about shapes and colours – in an interactive, fun way!

Activity Books

Colour & Shape Activity Book

Activity books are ideal to keep a busy toddler sitting down and concentrating for a little while. They will love working with their very own pencils and crayons, tracing shapes and colouring in this Colour & Shape Activity Book.

While they might not get everything perfect at first, they will be improving their fine motor skills, working on their concentration, and will enjoy working with colours and paper!

Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Balance Bike Makii

As their big gift this year, the Kinderfeets Balance Bike Makii would be absolutely perfect!

Each bike has funky printed cartoon images, which your toddler will love. These cartoons were created by popular Dutch designer, Makii.

The Kinderfeets balance bike helps kids to progress at their own pace when learning how to ride. They start by walking the bike forward until they are comfortable and able to coast along.

This is the perfect stepping stone to a bigger bike, and the ergonomically designed handlebar and seat encourage good posture, and allow for the best comfort when riding!

Plate Sets

Princess Platter Kids Cuttlery and Plate Eating Set

Plate sets can be fun, and could be just what you need to get your toddler eating all their food!

This Princess Platter Kids Cutlery and Plate Set is as cute as it gets, folding out to be a plate, a bowl, a cup, and with a fork and spoon. It is a fun set that is incredibly practical as well, as well as being every little princess’s dream!

Play Money

Australian Money Play Coins 106pcs

For some reason, toddlers love to play with money. Instead of giving them some dirty coins and notes to play with (and to be honest, who can afford to lose some?), get them these Australian Money Play Coins instead!

There are 106 pieces in the set, and they are safe to play with – and it doesn’t cost you a fortune if they lose a few!

Play Cooking Sets

Orchard Toys Crazy Chefs

It might still be too dangerous for your toddler to join you in the kitchen, so this Orchard Toys Crazy Chefs Kit is perfect!

Your toddler will love preparing you some play food, as they play the game with you. It not only gets them to learn different ingredients, but it gets them used to playing board games and listening to instructions. It is fun for the whole family.

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