Push presents are becoming so popular, with many new mums being gifted rings and special items when their baby is born. It is important not to forget the new dads! If you are pregnant and want to get your partner something special for when your baby arrives, here are the best push presents for new dads!


The Best Push Presents For New Dads Wallet

Wallets are not only incredibly handy, but they can be personalized as well! You can purchase a lovely pleather wallet for the special dad, and have his name placed on the front of the wallet, or just his initials for something more subtle.

He will use the wallet every day, and he will be reminded of his new special role as dad each time he looks at it!

Titanium Bracelet

The Best Push Presents For New Dads Titanium Bracelet

A stylish titanium bracelet makes for such a great push present. You can have it personalized with either his name or ‘dad’ on the front of the bracelet.

The great thing about titanium bracelets is that they are hypoallergenic, so they are suited for almost every dad! The bracelets are lightweight and very durable, so they can be worn every day without being damaged or becoming uncomfortable.

Jogging Stroller

The Best Push Presents For New Dads Jogging Stroller

For the active dad, a good jogging stroller is a useful present – for both him and baby. The right jogging stroller will allow the new dad to take his baby on jogs during the day. Make sure to choose a stroller that can handle outdoor terrains at jogging speed, and which has a sun cover to keep your baby protected.

If you are expecting multiples, you can look at getting a double jogging stroller. It will keep both babies safe and secure while out with dad for a run!

Pocket Watch

The Best Push Presents For New Dads Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are amazing gifts, and they can even be passed down from dad to child one day in the future. You can either keep the pocket watch simple and traditional, or you can have a saying or his and his baby’s name printed on the front.

Personalized Growler Set

Personalized Growler Set

You will really be making the new dad incredibly happy with a personalized growler set, especially if he is into his craft beer!

There are some amazing growler sets available, with the growler bottle and two beer mugs. These can be personalized with his name. He can keep the set for many years, and enjoy some great cold brews with it as well!

Baby Backpack For Dads

Baby Bag

Most baby bags on the market are suited for mums, with designs that suit women. Dads should be able to carry their own baby bags as well. This is why you should get him a backpack made just for dads!

These backpacks have everything that a baby bag needs, and then some. They are practical and rustic and help make life easier for a dad who is out with his baby.

Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Nothing captures a moment in time like a photo. Capture that first moment that dad and baby meet, and keep it on display. Choose a special photo frame for him to keep and cherish.

Use these ideas to get the best push presents for new dads!


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