What better reason is there to get the family outdoors into a beautiful setting, spending time together, than a picnic? Picnics are the perfect way to kick back for a few hours and just spend time relaxing. However, to make a picnic great, you need some good food! Here are the best snacks to pack for a family picnic!

Quick & Easy Cinnamon Buns

The Best Snacks To Pack For A Family Picnic Quick And Easy Cinnamon Buns

Every picnic needs a sweet treat, and these quick & easy cinnamon buns are not only delicious, but they are super easy to make as well.

You could even make an extra few ahead of time and leave them to sit in the freezer for when you are ready to plan a picnic. You simply need to pop them in the oven before packing them for the picnic.

Crustless Cheesy Quiche

The Best Snacks To Pack For A Family Picnic Crustless Cheesy Quiche

For your main course during the picnic, a quiche is a great option. You could either cook up one large quiche or divide the recipe down and make lots of little small finger quiches that are easy to eat at a picnic.

The great thing about this quiche recipe is that is as delicious served cold as warm, and makes for a light meal in the warm sun!

Butter Chicken Rolls

The Best Snacks To Pack For A Family Picnic Butter Chicken Rolls

This requires a bit of planning, but if done right, you can pack the most delicious butter chicken rolls for your picnic.

The night before your picnic, cook up this amazingly easy butter chicken meal for supper. Cook a little extra, or keep some aside and place it in the fridge overnight.

Purchase some cocktail rolls, or make your own if you are feeling adventurous, and then fill them up with the leftover butter chicken from the night before.

Cocktail rolls are the perfect size for a picnic, and the butter chicken gives a wonderful kick of flavour!

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies

You can never go wrong with a batch of good brownies at a picnic. This incredibly easy brownie recipe will help you whip up some amazing chocolate brownies in next to no time, and you can add in any extra ingredients you like to make the brownie recipe your own!

Mediterranean Meatballs

Mediterranean Meatballs

This toddler-friendly Mediterranean meatball recipe is another one that can be made ahead of time and left in the freezer for when you are planning your picnic. Bake the meatballs before packing them away for the picnic, and make sure to take along some homemade tzatziki as well.

The meatballs are a good finger food to have at the picnic, and the fresh taste of the tzatziki finishes it all off so well.

Greek Yogurt Chicken And Cranberry Sandwich

Greek Yogurt, Chicken And Cranberry Sandwich

A good chicken sandwich never goes unappreciated at a picnic. Put a twist on traditional chicken mayo sandwiches with this Greek yogurt chicken and cranberry sandwich. It is light, tasty, and healthy, and tastes incredible cold – which is perfect for a picnic!

You could prepare the chicken mixture the night before and then take it along to make the sandwiches at the picnic, to keep the bread firm and fresh.

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