The weeks can be so incredibly busy, and sometimes you really just do not have time to cook a big dinner for the family. It can also become quite expensive heading off to the shop each day to buy ingredients for supper. To save you time and stress during the week, here are some of the best tips for meal prepping for a family!

Meal prepping means that you will have a good amount of meals for the family that just need to be heated up and served. You will save so much time cooking each day, and so much money by buying only the groceries you will need in one shop, and using them all to make the meals. Nothing will go to waste.

Make Use Of One-Pot Meals

The Best Tips For Meal Prepping For A Family Make Use Of One Pot Meals

One-pot meals are always such a great idea for meal prepping. There is little effort that goes into actually cooking the meal, and there is only one pot to clean up at the end of it all! One-pot meals can also be incredibly delicious. You just need to try out some recipes until you find a few that the family loves.

Use Recipe Resources

The Best Tips For Meal Prepping For A Family Use Recipe Resources

Not all of us have the time to sift through recipe books looking for meals that are meal-prep friendly. Instead, use resources such as Instagram or Pinterest to look for quick and easy ideas. There are many boards available dedicated to meal-prepping which have amazingly easy recipes.

Purchase Pre-Prepared Proteins

Purchase Pre-Prepared Proteins

To make meal prep even easier, you should buy pre-pared proteins. This could be shredded chicken, ready-made meatballs, cut veggies or cooked ham. This saves you having to cook it yourself at home, and makes the whole process so much easier.

Just be sure to check the sell-by date, and be sure that the protein hasn’t been frozen already, as it should not be frozen a second time.

Don’t Ask What’s For Dinner

The Best Tips For Meal Prepping For A Family Don't Ask What's For Dinner

Get out of the habit of wondering what to have for dinner each night. On a Sunday, or during the week when you are not so busy, think up meals for each night the next week. You can even make larger portions and have the same meal for two or three nights but in different ways.

Get into the mind-set of being happy to eat what is in the freezer, and stick to the meal prepping. This way you won’t have to then come up with something else to heat and have to pop out to the store.

Use The Right Containers

Use The Right Containers

Meal prepping is made so much easier when you have the right containers to store the food in! For soups and stews, using plastic freezer bags is a good idea. These can be laid flat and stacked one on top of the other in the freezer to save space. They are also so easy to label.

For other types of food, good plastic freezer containers that can also be used to reheat the food are great. This means fewer dishes for you each night! If you don’t have these, then use some aluminum foil and plastic wrap to protect the food you will be freezing.


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