It is never easy seeing your child sick. All we want to do is to help make them feel better, but it can often be difficult knowing what to actually do when your child is sick! Here are the best tips for mums with sick kids, to help them feel more comfortable and get better sooner.

Keep Them As Comfortable As Possible

The Best Tips For Mums With Sick Kids Keep Them As Comfortable As Possible

You need to listen to your child when they are sick. Young kids, unless they are very sick, will most probably not want to spend the day in bed. If they feel better on the sofa, then let them spend their day there.

No matter if your child chooses to spend the day in bed or on the couch, here are a few ways to make them feel more comfortable:

  • Make sure the room is well ventilated. A warm room might make them feel worse, so make sure to check the temperature is not too high.
  • Provide lots of hydration for your child. Once they feel like food, you can offer them small pieces of plain food. Start with water or other hydration drinks from the pharmacy, and then move on to something nutritious like milk.
  • Give your child your time, tell them stories, play some quiet games, and just offer the comfort of you being there.
  • Your child will need plenty of rest when they are sick, however, they often fight this. Help them doze off by telling them a story or by playing an audiobook.

Offer Safe Symptom Relief

The Best Tips For Mums With Sick Kids Offer Safe Symptom Relief

There aren’t too many cough and cold medications available for young children, so treating their symptoms can be difficult. Use a menthol rub on their chest and back and some safe paracetamol to soothe them. This will help lessen a cough and any other pains and hopefully encourage a night of more restful sleep.

Make sure to check with your healthcare provider as to what medication is safe to offer your child.

Don’t Worry About Too Much TV

The Best Tips For Mums With Sick Kids Don't Worry About Too Much TV

It is always good to limit screen time in your home, but forget about this when your child is sick. They need as much rest as possible. Having them lay on the couch all day watching cartoons might be the only way they get this rest!

Their bodies need stillness and rest, so let them binge cartoons for an afternoon without feeling guilty.

Be Wary Of Irritated Skin

Be Wary Of Irritated Skin

Kids’ noses are often left sore, raw, and red after having a cold, due to continuous wiping. Make sure you help to deal with this by using a warm cloth to wipe away a runny nose, and by rubbing some petroleum jelly around the affected area.

Keep Them Hydrated

Keep Them Hydrated

Fevers, vomiting, and diarrhoea can all cause a loss of water and salt, which is why it is so important to try to keep them hydrated.

If your child does not want to drink water, try to offer them some chicken soup. Cold drinks and ice lollies might also help soothe a sore throat while hydrating them as well. These little treats might help lift their spirits a bit!

Above are the best tips for mums with sick kids, to help them feel more comfortable and get better sooner!

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