We all picture a baby’s skin to be soft, smooth, and to smell incredible. This is a little far from the truth though, as your newborn’s skin can be flaky, sensitive, and even have some small spots and discoloration. To help in the first few weeks, here are the best tips to care for your newborn’s skin.

Use Gentle Products

The Best Tips To Care For Your Newborn’s Skin Use Gentle Products

This should go without saying, but you should avoid using harsh products on your baby’s skin. It is best to use soaps and shampoos made for babies, and avoid any other products.

These products are made to be non-toxic, and contain no dyes, deodorants or alcohol, or contain very little.

The gentler the product, the better, and look for soaps and shampoos that are tear-free. Remember that baby soaps will not lather as our adult products do and that this does not mean the soap is not working!

Don’t Bath Too Often

The Best Tips To Care For Your Newborn’s Skin Don't Bath Too Often

Babies do not need to be cleaned as often as we do. Many of us just don’t feel right not showering each day and expect it to be the same for our baby. The truth is that babies only need to be bathed around three times a week.

Frequent bathing can actually dry out your newborn’s skin and remove oils that could help to protect against irritants and infections.

While you should not bath your newborn every day, you should keep their diaper area as clean as possible between baths.

Moisturize After Bath Time

The Best Tips To Care For Your Newborn’s Skin Moisturize After Bath Time

Your newborn’s skin will be prone to dryness, and you need to try to keep it moisturized. The best way to do this is by using a gentle moisturizer.

When removing your baby from the bath, pat her down with a towel, and then apply her moisturizing lotion immediately. This helps to trap in much-needed moisture! You can also moisturize her skin between baths as well.

Moisturizers do not necessarily add moisture to the skin, but they prevent moisture in the skin from escaping. You can also purchase a humidifier for your baby’s room to prevent the air from being too dry, which could also add to dry skin.

Avoid The Sun

Avoid The Sun

It is not recommended to use sunscreen on babies under six months old. Due to this, you should avoid extended exposure to the sun. If you do happen to be outdoors on a sunny day, try to avoid letting the sun directly hit your baby’s skin.

Use hats and cover her body with some UV-protected clothing. Umbrellas and sun-covers also come in handy!

Check Folds

Check Folds

Moisturize your baby’s skin, but do not let their skin be damp. Those beautiful little folds of skin on babies that we love so much can trap in moisture, and this can lead to rashes and irritation.

This problem tends to get worse around three months when your baby starts drooling, but even not drying your newborn properly after a bath can lead to this irritation.

Try to clean all your baby’s nooks and folds twice a day, to prevent redness, chafing, and irritation.

These are the best tips to care for your newborn’s skin, to ensure it is as soft and smooth as can be!

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