A healthy sleep routine is incredibly important for children. Without proper sleep routines, your child will battle to go to bed at a healthy time each night, and if they don’t get to sleep early enough, they will not get enough sleep. The importance of a good sleep routine for kids cannot be stressed enough, and the earlier you instill healthy sleeping habits with your kids, the better.

With the right sleep routine, you will be ensuring your child is getting optimal sleep, and these are the reasons why that is so important:

The Importance Of A Good Sleep Routine For Kids

Sleep Increases Attention Span

Tired children can be distracted and impulsive, and many children battle to pay attention or keep up at school when they don’t have a fixed sleep routine. Children who do have a healthy sleep routine are able to manage their moods and impulses better, allowing them to focus more at school and home.

Sleep Promotes Growth

Your child grows during their sleep. This is because the growth hormone is secreted primarily during deep sleep. Children who don’t get enough sleep might have deficient levels of growth hormones. This is also the reason why babies sleep so much. They need to ensure healthy growth at a young age.

Enough sleep means your child will have optimal time to grow!

Sleeping Beats Germs

During sleep, your body produces certain proteins that help fight against infection, illness, and stress. If your child has too little sleep, they will not have the optimal amount of these proteins, and will, therefore, be more susceptible to falling ill when exposed to different viruses. This is true for both children and adults, so instilling a healthy sleep routine from early on has lifelong benefits.

Creating A Routine

The Importance Of A Good Sleep Routine For Kids

A consistent bedtime routine is the best way to help your child settle easily into sleep each night. You can start a bedtime routine as early as 3 months old. A healthy bedtime routine should not last longer than 30 to 40 minutes. For younger children, play the same bedtime sounds or sing bedtime songs each night so your child becomes familiar with these as cues to go to sleep. A special sleep object such as a blanket or pillow might help them to fall asleep easier as well.

Older children up to the age of 10 should still have a strict bedtime, and should not go to sleep any later than 9 pm.

Make sure you maintain the same temperature and light levels where possible in your child’s room. This will help create the ideal sleep environment for them.

You should also encourage your child to self-soothe during the night to fall back asleep. This will ensure that they do not lose too much sleep. Give them some freedom to soothe themselves. If you keep rushing to them the moment they wake up, they will never be able to self soothe.

Understanding the importance of a good sleep routine is essential to ensure you are giving your child the energy and mindset they need to tackle each day!


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