Childproofing your home can be expensive! There seem to be so many different products on the market which are designed to keep your children safe in your home, but the truth is that there are some easy, and affordable ways, to childproof your home on your own! Here are some of the simplest tricks to childproof your home, to keep your children safe as they grow and explore!

Use Rubber Bands

The Simplest Tricks To Childproof Your Home Use Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can be used in so many different ways – and one of those ways is to keep cupboards closed. This is especially helpful in the kitchen, where some cupboard doors are at child-reaching level.

Simply wind a rubber band around two cupboard doorknobs that sit next to each other. This keeps the doors shut and will be next to impossible for a child to open.

This is ideal to keep children out of the cupboards containing pots and pans and kitchen cleaning contents and chemicals, which can be really dangerous for them. It is a cheap childproof trick!

Block Up The Fireplace

The Simplest Tricks To Childproof Your Home Block Up The Fireplace

Fireplaces are just a no-no when you have a crawling or running child in the house. You will have to do without the fires for a little while until you are confident you can keep your little one away safely.

Blocking up the fireplace can be difficult, but it is an important part of childproofing your home. You can get creative with the way you cover your fireplace though – instead of just boarding it up, you can add a flat piece of board securely over the fireplace and paint it with chalkboard paint!

Not only will it help childproof your home, but you have added new creative space for your child!

Keep Kids Out The Fridge

Keep Kids Out The Fridge

Fridges hold all the yummy food your child might want – but they definitely cannot go rummaging through the fridge on their own. Many of us forget the fridge is another area to childproof in your home.

To keep fridge doors closed, you can use some simple household items. If you have a French door fridge, you can place a cord with a clip over the doors to keep them closed. You can clip and unclip the door when you use it, but it will keep the kids out.

If you have a traditional fridge, you could place a plastic coat hook on the side of the door, and another on the side of the fridge. Use a rubber band to hold between these two hooks, to keep the door closed.

Bath In A Basket

Bath In A Basket

Bath time is fun, but it can also be dangerous if you have a very busy body to bath. Instead of placing your baby straight into the bath, you can put them in a washing basket and then place them in the tub. The washing basket will keep them in place and it also keeps all their toys contained!

The basket provides an anti-slip bottom and just creates less space for your little one to explore and move around in the bath, keeping them as safe as possible.

You can also place anti-slip mats on the bathroom floor to prevent slips when bath time is over.

The simplest tricks to childproof your home above will save you lots of bumps and bruises!

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