Impulse buying – so many of us are guilty of it. The ease of being able to purchase something instantly, whether online shopping at home or in the store, along with the relentless marketing thrown our way, can be so hard to resist.

It can be so difficult to overcome that impulse urge, but there are certain tricks and strategies to put in place that can help you beat it.

If you are battling to stick to a budget and to say no to buying things you just do not need, this is how to stop impulse buying.

Avoid The Mall

This Is How To Stop Impulse Buying Avoid The Mall

One of the easiest ways to avoid impulse buying is to avoid going to shopping malls. You will be more inclined to purchase items if they are in front of you. Only go to a store if you need something specific, and make sure to have a list.

You need to be strict with yourself – do not stray from that list! If you enjoy window shopping, you should look for a new hobby, the temptation can be too much to resist.

Don’t Visit Online Stores

This Is How To Stop Impulse Buying Don't Visit Online Stores


It can be simple to avoid shopping centres, but when you have access to online stores at home, it becomes a little more difficult.

Visiting online stores just makes the urge to impulse buy even worse. You can browse through thousands of items and make a purchase without getting off the couch.

Delete online shopping apps and avoid looking through adverts to see what is on special.

Put A Waiting Period On Purchases

Put A Waiting Period On Purchases

The urge to buy an item is often temporary, it just doesn’t seem so when you have that cute top in your hand that you feel you just HAVE to buy. To control these urges, you need to put a waiting period on purchases.

If you find something you are interested in buying, write it down and stick it onto the fridge. List the date of when you found the item, and then check in again a week later. After this time, the urge would have passed and you won’t be so inclined to impulse buy.

After a week, if you still feel like you need to buy it, then maybe you do need it after all! Obviously, this only refers to certain items, and not groceries and other essentials.

Realize The Actual Cost

Realize The Actual Cost

Spending 5 dollars here and there does not seem that bad. However, if you work out how much value there is in the money you are spending, and the time it has taken for you to earn that money, you might be a little more hesitant to spend.

Before making a purchase, figure out how much work you put in to make that money. Look at it as how much time and energy it took from your life to earn that money. Is that new handbag worth it?

This is quite an eye-opening exercise, and you will be surprised at how many hours of work you waste to earn money to buy unnecessary items.


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