Your urge to give your home a makeover and breathe some life into your space might not tie-up with your available budget. With kids and keeping a household running, setting money aside to splurge on new décor and furniture isn’t always a top priority. However, not having a huge budget does not mean you can’t have some fun redecorating! So if you cannot fight down the need to change up your space, here are some tips to decorate on a tight budget!

Make Use Of What You Have

Tips To Decorate On A Tight Budget Make Use Of What You Have

The best way to avoid spending money is to use the items you already have. Move tables, paintings, vases, and rugs from room to room to change the furniture arrangement. Paint old wooden pieces, reupholster couches and footrests and add interesting handles to old cabinets. Often the items you have at home are all you need, and you just need to give them a little bit of love to fit into their new space in the home.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Tips To Decorate On A Tight Budget Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Old, worn pieces can really bring down the look of your home. Get rid of damaged and worn items before you start deciding what to buy or change. Removing these old pieces gives you a clean slate, and helps you better see what the space might need. You might even be able to sell some old furniture, and then use that money to buy something new for your home.

Paint Makes A Huge Difference

Tips To Decorate On A Tight Budget Paint Makes A Difference

A fresh coat of paint can really bring a new feel to a room and there are some wonderfully affordable paints that can be used indoors. When choosing a paint, it is a good idea to stick to neutral colours, as these are easy to match and will be long-lasting. You will not have to repaint the whole room when you want to decorate again, as the neutral colour will go with almost anything.

Visit Thrift Stores

Visit Thrift Stores

Some amazing finds are waiting at thrift stores! Whether it be art pieces, rugs, or furniture which can be refurnished, you will be able to find some good, solid pieces by browsing the local thrift shops, and it will cost you the fraction of the cost it would from a chain store.

Make A Budget

Make A Budget

Understand how tight your budget is. Try to work out exactly how much money you have to spend on redoing your home. When you have this information, you are less likely to buy items on a whim.  You will instead be motivated to shop around and only buy what is important.

Buy Cheap Accessories

Buy Cheap Accessories

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive accessories. Find some inexpensive porcelain, basket ware, placemats, and trays to pull the space together. These cheaper items will help to stretch your budget further, all while adding a touch of personality to the space.

Swap With Friends And Family

Swap With Family And Friends

Put some feelers out to see if friends or family are wanting to redecorate as well. You could swap items with each other. This way you can gather up new items to decorate with, without having to spend a cent!

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