One of the most difficult tasks when homeschooling is getting your kids to concentrate. There are always distractions around for their minds to wander to, and some days it just seems impossible to get them to concentrate.

Instead of becoming frustrated and turning the day into a homeschooling disaster, follow these tips to get your kids to concentrate when homeschooling!

Tips To Get Your Kids Concentrating When Homeschooling

Time Their Work

Using a timer is a great way to keep your child focused during a lesson. You can set an actual timer next to them during the lesson or as they work, and set a realistic amount of time for them to focus.

Having a timer counting down how long they need to focus really will help, and they will stay focused knowing that when the timer is done, they can stop concentrating for some time. It encourages them to put more energy and attention into that session.

Keep It Short

Short lessons are always best for kids, especially for children who cannot focus for long periods of time. Drawing out a lesson will only end in frustration, so rather try to keep lessons short and sweet.

Shorter lessons also help your child absorb more information in a shorter amount of time, making the most of their attention span.

Sit One On One

Try and have one on one sessions with your child. They will benefit from the attention they will get from you during the lesson, instead of trying to stay focussed in a group.

By sitting alone with them during a lesson, you can easily bring their attention back to the work if they look distracted, and it helps you guide them better with what they need to be doing.

Remove Distractions

It is obvious that the fewer distractions around, the less distracted your child will be. You need to remove anything that might steal away your child’s attention.

Set up a desk in a quieter area of the house, close any curtains so they can’t watch cars pass outside, and switch any TV’s or radios off. Giving them a distraction-free environment is giving them the environment they need to succeed.

Reward Concentration

Rewards work like wonders, and you can use them to encourage concentration when homeschooling. If your child manages to get through a task or lesson with no distractions or losing concentration, reward them with something.

Rewards don’t always have to be material, you could give them some extra free time, time to play on the tablet, or even just positive encouragement. Having this positive encouragement, and some rewards, will definitely motivate them to concentrate more in the future.

Take Regular Breaks

When you are working through a long section of work, or have a long day of homeschooling ahead of you, you need to make sure to take regular breaks. Breaks allow them to feel distracted and let out energy before they have to come back to focussing and concentrating again.

Breaks also give them something to look forward to while working and should encourage them to stay focussed during work time.

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