Most children are not born to be good learners, it is a skill that we must all learn. Your child’s personality will play a big role in how they learn and pay attention in school, but it takes some effort to help them become good learners, and therefore want to study. With the right motivation and some basic aptitude, any child can become a good learner. Here are some tips to motivate an unmotivated child to study, and how to help them become a better learner overall.

Encourage Reading

Tips To Motivate An Unmotivated Child To Study Encourage Reading


The importance of reading cannot be stressed enough. Helping your child develop a love for reading at a young age is one of the greatest gifts you could give them. A child who has difficulties reading will have difficulties learning.

Read to your child frequently, give them books to read, and have a family reading time each day.  As your child learns to love reading, they will be more willing to study. For those who are a little older and do not enjoy reading, you need to make reading fun. Let them choose their own books, and give them activities to make it a more enjoyable process.

Let Them Be In Charge

Tips To Motivate An Unmotivated Child To Study Let Them Be In Charge

For many children, education comes with being controlled, and the more you try to control your child and the way they study, the more they might withdraw. Hand the reigns over and let them be in charge. You will still need to be close by and involved to help them through the learning process, but help them find more responsibility and independence with studying. This gives them the confidence to do it on their own, which will result in them studying more.

Have An Open Line Of Communication

Have An Open line Of Communication

As a parent, you need to encourage your child to express their own opinion about their studies and how they want to learn, but this won’t happen if they don’t feel like they can talk to you. Create an atmosphere where your child can talk to you about his or her likes and dislikes, and any concerns if there are. If your child feels like they have no say, they will not be motivated to invest in studying.

Work With Your Child’s Interests

Work With Your Child's Interests

One of the best ways to motivate your child to learn is to do so through their interests. Whether it be sports or the arts, make learning fun for your child. Get them to explore different topics and subjects that interest them. All of the extra curiosity and interest really work wonders to create a mindset of learning and growing.

Consider Different Learning Styles

Consider Different Learning Styles

Every child has a unique way of studying, and the way one child learns might be completely useless to another. Help your child study in a way that is practical and useful to them. The seven learning styles are visual, verbal, physical, auditory, logical, solitary, and social. Help your child find which style suits them best, and adapt the learning to be easier for them.

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