So many parents are now looking to homeschool their children, but aren’t sure on how to create the same learning space that schools provide. If you are new to homeschooling, you will need some tips to set up a homeschool room in the comfort of your own home.

Start by envisioning your own space, choosing a practical spot in your home, and then use the below tips to get the room ready for learning!

Tips To Set Up A Homeschool Room

Use Your Space

Most of us who choose to homeschool will not have the luxury of an entire room to use for teaching. All you need to homeschool is a flat surface to work on, comfortable seating, some good lighting, and some space for storage. It is a good idea to set up the space somewhere near where you will be so that your children can ask you questions easily if you aren’t directly involved in their work.

A tabletop in the dining room or a school desk in your child’s room is all you need to start setting up your homeschool environment.

Find The Right Work Space

It is best to choose a large desk or surface where work can be spread out openly. However, if the surface is used for more than just your child’s homeschooling, try to find an area where you would only need to move the work occasionally. Having to set up and pack up daily can become demotivating, so finding a dedicated space is really helpful.

Create A Comfortable Space

You need to make sure that your homeschooling area is kept comfortable, for both parent and student. Choose a comfortable chair that you won’t mind sitting in for a while.  Make sure your children are set up in a comfortable chair and desk setting as well.

Keep Supplies Close

If possible, set up some shelves and drawers nearby so you can have easy access to materials and supplies. There are some great storage options to use for homeschooling. Try also to keep a bookshelf close to keep learning material and reading books readily available. All of your art supplies, science tools, and other materials are best kept organized in their own spaces.

Creating A School Feel

Take the time to create a school aesthetic in your homeschool room. It does not have to be exactly like a classroom. Pick some matching colours, some bright posters, and hang up some craft work to give it more of a learning-room feel. It is always good to set up an environment that feels different from the rest of the house so that your child can be in the right mind set for learning when they sit down at their desk, even if it is next to the TV in the lounge!

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to set up the most extravagant homeschool room in your house. Keep it simple, work with what you have, and focus on making it a comfortable space for your children. Organize your supplies, keep them close, and hang up some posters and themed pictures. Your children will respond and learn best when they are at ease.

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