How many baby showers have you sat through where the mum-to-be has opened up the same gift over and over again? When you buy a gift for a pregnant mum, you want it to be something special, and something that she can look at and remember that it came from you. Yes, you can include some practical items such as diapers and burp-cloths, but here are some unique gifts for a pregnant mum, which she will appreciate and love!

Diaper Clutch

Unique Gifts For A Pregnant Mum Diaper Clutch

Diaper clutches are ideal for the mum-on-the-go! If you are just popping out for a quick coffee or errand, you don’t want to have to lug around a big baby bag, when all you need is a diaper and some wipes. A diaper clutch holds all the necessities for a nappy change while looking super trendy as well!

Luxury Robe

Luxury Robe

Breastfeeding mums know how difficult it can be to find clothes and pajamas suited for breastfeeding. A luxurious robe will be the mum’s best friend and it opens up easily to feed at night. It is also such a great gift for a mum recovering after birth, and she can use it for years and years to come. To make it even more special, you can embroider her name onto the robe.

Muscle Soak

Unique Gifts For A Pregnant Mum Muscle Soak

During pregnancy, your body takes on a whole lot of strain. Childbirth isn’t necessarily easy either. To help the special mum deal with pregnancy, and then new mum aches and pains, get her a safe muscle soak. She can soak in the tub and relax her tired muscles and joints.

Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photoshoot

Most mums want to capture that special newborn beauty through a photoshoot, but it often slips their mind or is too expensive. You could look for an amazing newborn photographer in the area and buy a voucher for a newborn shoot. The mum-to-be will love this! If she has a specific photographer in mind, you could pay towards the shoot.

Personalized Beaded Pacifier Clip

Unique Gifts For A Pregnant Mum Pacifier Clip

Many online stores allow you to make your own personalized beaded pacifier clip. You can either spell out the baby’s name if you know it or the family name on the dummy clip. The beads are completely safe for a baby, and are good to keep for teething as well, when the little one starts to chew on anything they can get their hands on!

Meal Delivery Service Voucher

Meal Delivery Voucher

So this isn’t really something the mum can keep for years to come, but she will be so grateful for it once her baby arrives! Get in touch with a meal delivery service nearby, and buy a week’s worth of dinners from them. Give this voucher to the mum and let her enjoy not having to cook the week she arrives home with her new baby.

Baby Blanket Milestone Counter

Unique Gifts For A Pregnant Mum Milestone Baby Blanket

You don’t want to miss a moment of your new baby’s life. By giving the mum-to-be a milestone counter baby blanket, she will be able to journal and capture the growth of her little one, month by month on the gorgeous blanket! This is one of the most memorable unique gifts for a pregnant mum!

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