A wider vocabulary can help your child succeed better in school, and a limited vocabulary can have an effect on your child’s learning. Having a wide vocabulary is also really important to ensure that your child can understand a wide range of topics. Having some ways to boost your child’s vocabulary will ensure that they have the best chance to understand the world around them, how to put their emotions into words, and how to socialise better with people.

Ways To Boost Your Child's Vocabulary

Here are some ways to boost your child’s vocabulary:

Prioritize Conversation

Children are like sponges when they are young, so the earlier you immerse them in language, the better. Use a fairly wide range of words when talking to your child, introducing words to them often. Parent and child conversations have a huge impact on influencing child vocabulary, so try to prioritize the conversations you have with your child from young.

Use Words In Sentences

If you want your child to learn new words, you have to teach them how to use them. Once they learn a new word, or when you teach them a new word, show them how to use it in a sentence. This goes for spelling words they learn at school, help them write sentences including the words to understand them better.

Instil A Love Of Reading

Reading is one of the best ways to boost vocabulary, so instilling a love of reading in your child from young will have life-long benefits. Read aloud to your children until they can read on their own. Choose to read books with words that might be a little too difficult for them, encouraging them to ask you the meaning. Read storybooks, children’s newspapers, and comics, whatever your child will enjoy.

Label Everything

Once your child begins to read, you should stick little notes on objects around the house. This will not only help your child learn new words but help them learn to read as well. You can then add adjectives to the labels as well, to further boost their vocabulary, such as “plastic table”.

Have A Word Of The Day

Introduce a new word each day, and by the end of the year, your child would have learned 365 new words! You can choose a word for the day and then use it in an activity or game to help your child remember it. There are some great apps to use which suggest new words. You could also just pick the words out of a dictionary! Make sure to teach them the meaning of the word so they can use it on their own.

Don’t Dumb Down Speech

Avoid speaking to your child in a baby voice. They might not be able to use all of the words you use, but they more than likely understand them. Their receptive vocabulary is larger than their expressive vocabulary, so there is no need to dumb down or simplify the way you speak to your child. Speak to them as a normal person, and they will quickly pick up new words that you use.

Ways To Boost Your Child's Vocabulary


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