There is no doubt about it, Coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19 is a worry for everyone, with people all over the world glued to the news to hear the latest breaking story. However, this article is going to bring you different ways to help you deal with Coronavirus anxiety.

One of the strongest feelings that this new virus strain will create especially for mothers is anxiety. So what are the best ways to deal with this anxiety? Well, one of the best ways is to keep everything in perspective, although this is easier said than done. It is important to remember that this is just another illness, albeit a new strain passed on from animals to humans. Flu has been around for centuries and in that time has claimed many lives, however, many people have carried on with no detrimental occurrences to their lives. There are strict measures that have to be followed to contain this new virus and reduce its effects including isolation and stocking up on essentials, however, once adequate precautions are put in place there is no need for anxiety.

Another way that anxiety can be managed is through the use of positive self-talk, so instead of worrying and focussing on negative thinking such as feeling you are going to get ill, it is important to think more positively about the situation which will also help curb your anxieties and may stop your children picking up on any anxieties as well.

Think Positive Be Positive

Curbing watching the daily news and following about the virus on social media and other platforms could also help curb anxiety as it is hard not to see something about it when most of the media companies around the world are discussing about the virus to create clickbait, so you can not necessarily believe everything that you see or hear.

Click bait

One of the most important things to remember about Coronavirus, as with any virus or illness, is the importance of hand hygiene and Covid-19 is a great opportunity to teach your children about the importance of hand hygiene and keeping healthy. An important role for any parent or caregiver is teaching children about washing their hands and the earlier that this is started the better as it will be setting the children up for hygiene success in the long run.

The most important part is teaching your children the 5 key steps to handwashing – wet the hands, add soap and lather it up, scrub the hands, rinse and then dry. This sounds simple but to a child that is a lot to remember, so try to make it fun by creating a handwashing song or a game out of it. It is surprisingly fun once you start and your child will love it.

Also, don’t forget to teach your child the key times to wash their hands such as after using the toilet and before eating, once your child has got these down you can go for gold in handwashing glory! Always remember to lead by example as if your child sees you washing your hands and they will want to follow suit. When there is no soap and water available then always keep some hand sanitizer handy to keep those germs at bay.

Handwashing can be fun

As with any global scale illness, certain societal pressures come with this, however, it is important not to give in to these pressures. It can be scary to think about sending your child to school or to let them carry on as normal, but that is one of the best things that you can do. There is also a lot of pressure to start stockpiling supplies such as toilet paper, pasta, hand soap and hand sanitizer, although these are all essential products to have in a home, stockpiling them in large quantities will not help combat Coronavirus, so it is all about being sensible.

Stockpiling essentials

Having said that, spending time indoors together as a family is never a bad thing so allow some changes to your lifestyle to incorporate staying in more and enjoying some quality family time. This could be spent playing games, having indoor adventures such as building forts and exploring, travelling to far off lands from the pages of a book, carrying out arts and crafts and so much more! The possibilities that you could do inside your own home are endless and your little ones will just love spending time with you.

Indoor Fun
Endless indoor fun

This article has only given you some ideas but the important thing is not to panic and keep yourself and your family safe by adhering to good hand hygiene and having fun indoors.

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