If you are past your due date and your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you might want to start thinking of some ways to naturally induce labour.

It is so important to remember that you should always get the approval from your doctor before starting to try to induce labour on your own and be at least 39 weeks along.

While it is always best to let nature decide when it is time for your baby to arrive, sometimes you just can’t wait, and to add to it, the waiting can be super uncomfortable!

There is no solid evidence that these methods work, but many mums swear by them, and if it is safe for you to do so, you should give these methods a try!

How To Naturally Induce Labour 6 Ways

Ways To Naturally Induce Labour 6 Ways


Exercise really can be anything that gets your heart rate up, it could be taking a long walk or walking up the stairs. If exercise does not work,  it will at least help relieve some stress and help prepare your body for labour. As desperate as you might be to induce labour, don’t overdo the exercise and make it dangerous for you and your baby.

Spicy Food

So many mums suggest eating spicy food to induce labour. It is thought to irritate the stomach, which could cause cramps, which then could lead to contractions. However, eating spicy food might just leave you with some nasty heartburn.

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation helps to stimulate oxytocin, which is a hormone that can jolt the uterus into action. You should mimic a baby suckling, as this is the best form of nipple stimulation to start contractions, and is a really safe way to naturally induce labour.

Castor Oil

Many midwives have been using castor oil to induce labour for centuries. Castor oil helps to release ricinoleic acids, which then activate prostaglandin receptors to start contractions. The problem with this method is that it could have a laxative effect as well, and you might land up with diarrhea instead of labour, or even worse, both at the same time. Many doctors and midwives are not advocates of this method, so speak to them before taking a swig of castor oil.


There is no clear explanation of how acupuncture works to induce labour, but it is thought that the needles stimulate the nervous system to cause a natural release of oxytocin. Some studies have also shown that acupuncture can improve cervical readiness.

Evening Primrose Oil

Using evening primrose oil is more of a homeopathic remedy, and is a cervical ripening agent as it mimics prostaglandins. This is a less popular method of inducing labour, and the studies on it don’t always show any good signs of success, but once again it is a midwives tale that some women swear by.

Inducing Labour Safely

Inducing Labour Safely

As excited as you might be to bring labour on a little sooner, you really do need to be careful. Make sure your baby has had enough time in your womb to be absolutely ready when the time comes, and keep in contact with your doctor or midwife with each decision you make.

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