Being a parent of two, your life will be made so much easier if you purchase a double stroller! Double strollers can be used for twins of the same age, or for a toddler and a younger baby. Going out is much more doable when you have a good double stroller. Here is what to consider when buying a double stroller, to help you choose one which will be best for your family!

What To Consider When Buying A Double Stroller

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are an active family, you will want to choose a double stroller that will accommodate for this. If you want to use your stroller for jogging daily, then choose one which will do well outdoors. To run errands with, you will want a stroller that is sleek and convenient, which you don’t have to wrestle with to get in and out of the car!

Understanding the needs of your lifestyle will definitely help you choose the right stroller!

The Age Of Your Children

You will obviously need to consider the age of your children when choosing a double stroller. If you have a toddler and a newborn, you cannot buy a stroller that only accommodates small babies.

It is always a good idea to purchase a double stroller that can grow with your kids, which have seat expansions to use as they grow.

This saves you money having to buy a new stroller later on!

The Width Of The Double Stroller

Some double strollers can be quite bulky, and this makes moving around really difficult. Try to measure some doorways that you move through often, and then see if the double stroller will fit through this.

You get strollers with seats next to each other, which can be quite bulky, and then inline double strollers where there is a seat behind the one in front. These are usually much easier to move around with.

How Easy The Double Stroller Moves

Ignore the size of your stroller for one minute, and instead focus on how it moves. The most compact double strollers can sometimes be quite difficult to manoeuvre around.

Check to see that the double stroller can turn sharp corners easily and if they can travel easily over different terrains.

If it means you taking the double stroller for a walk around the store to find this out, then do it!

The Size Of Your Boot

There is no point in purchasing a double stroller that does not fit into the boot of your car. Ask for the folded dimensions, and measure your boot to check if the double stroller will fit.

Double strollers can be pricey, and you don’t want to be stuck with one that you can’t actually take anywhere!

Bonus Features

While they are called bonus features, some are quite necessary for mums on the go! One huge advantage is having a storage space in the stroller, where you can keep your purse, baby bag, and some shopping.

Check for cup holders as well, either for your morning coffee or the baby bottle. More than one cup holder is best – one for each child!

These bonus features do make a difference if you use the double stroller often!

Bonus Features

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