The time has come for you to trade in your stylish ride for a family car, but fear not, there are some great options out there! Before you dive in headfirst and choose the first SUV you see, there are some serious factors to consider when buying a family car.

When buying a family car, you want something safe, something durable, and something comfortable. Using the below tips and considerations, you should be able to find a car that caters to each member of the family and all your growing needs!

Will The Pram Fit?

What To Consider When Buying A Family Car Will The Pram Fit

If you have a baby on the way or are planning to expand your family soon, this is an important question! There is no point in buying a family car when you can’t fit the pram in the boot. Make sure that even if the pram fits, there is still space for nappy bags and grocery bags!

Is It A Five-Door Car?

Is It A Five Door Car

A family car needs to be a safe car, and a car with five doors will ensure that everyone can exit the vehicle easily. Trying to navigate life with a baby when you drive a three-door car is a nightmare!

Check to see that the doors have a child lock function, as kids get bored in the car and for some reason think the door handle is a toy.

Will The Car Seats Fit?

What To Consider When Buying A Family Car Will The Car Seats Fit

Depending on the number of children you have or are planning to have, you need to make sure that the car will fit in the right amount of car seats. For families with three children, this can be trickier. So many family cars do not fit three car seats, so make sure to test this out.

Is It A Safe Car?

What To Consider When Buying A Family Car Is It A Safe Car

Once again, safety is the most important factor when buying a family car. Make sure that the car has all the safety features needed to ensure your kids are kept safe and will be kept safe in the case of an accident. Ditch the fancy, cool-looking features and focus on safety.

Is It Too High?

Is It Too High

This might not be a consideration for new parents, but those who have had older kids who they needed to lift into a high car will understand. Make sure the car is at a reasonable height, to make putting heavy sleeping kids in their car seats a little easier.

How Expensive Is It To Run?

How Expensive Is It To Run

Many cars are being made more eco-friendly and use less fuel, but this does not mean they are cheaper to run. You will be using your family car a lot, and you need to consider the cost of maintenance.

Find out the fuel consumption for the car, and see if it will be affordable for you. Look to see what the price of replacement tyres are, as SUV tyres can be incredibly pricey. Look for the cost of replacement parts, expensive vehicles require more expensive replacement parts.

Will It Be Comfortable For Long Trips?

Will It Be Comfortable For Long Road Trips

Your family car will be your go-to for long trips, so it needs to be comfortable. Look for comfortable seats, temperature control in the back, and enough cup holders for the whole family!


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