Packing your hospital bag is pretty exciting! It means you are one step closer to meeting your baby. There are some essential items you need to pack into your hospital bag, both for yourself and your baby. These items will make your hospital stay much more comfortable and organized. Mums-to-be should have their hospital bags packed at 35 weeks, but doing it earlier is fine as well. The below list will help with what to pack in your hospital bag!


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Underwear

Most hospitals do provide mums with mesh underwear, but they really aren’t comfortable at all. Find a good pair of maternity underwear, or large granny panties to pack into your bag to use once your baby is born.


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Clothes

The first little bit of your hospital stay will be spent in a hospital gown, but packing some of your own clothes allows you to change out of the hospital gown into something you are a little more comfortable in. It will also give you something to leave in when it is time to go home. Comfortable pajamas are a must!

Baby Clothes

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Baby Clothes

Your little one will need something to wear in the hospital. Pack some comfortable clothes for your baby, and keep it simple. Remember they are so tiny when they are born, so newborn clothes are a must. Remember to pack mittens, socks, and a baby beanie.


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Diapers

The hospital might provide you with diapers for your baby, but it will be worth packing a few extra in case. Pack some wet wipes as well.

Baby Blanket

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag Blanket

Hospitals do provide a blanket for your baby, but you should pack an extra warm blanket and a light blanket. You can use them for your baby while you’re in the hospital, and to wrap your baby up warm when you leave the hospital as well.



You will spend one night or more in the hospital, so you will need to pack some toiletries. If you are packing ahead of time, look into purchasing small bottles that you can decant your favourite toiletries into, or smaller toiletries. These will help you feel human again after giving birth. Remember to also pack a face cloth and an extra towel.



Hospital floors are cold! Spoil yourself and purchase a comfortable pair of slippers to wear in the hospital. Pack some socks as well to keep your feet warm while you are in bed.

Phone Charger

Phone Charger

Purchase an extra phone charger to pack into your baby bag. When it is time to go into hospital, you might forget to pack it on the way out. Having your phone charged will give you something to do while your baby sleeps, and lets you stay in touch with family members and friends.



If you have a tablet, try and remember to take it along to the hospital. There might be a TV in your room, but the shows are often limited. It will give you some entertainment while you aren’t looking after your baby. Pack some headphones as well so you can watch some movies!


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