Looking at purchasing a breast pump can be so overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and so many brands to choose from as well! You also do not know exactly how your breasts will react to different pumps, so you might just be stumped with the question “which breast pump should I buy?”

To help you decide which breast pump would be best for you, you need to understand the choices you have. When it comes to the different types of breast pumps available, you really have four options. Here is what you need to know about these four to help you decide.

Types Of Breast Pumps

Manual Breast Pumps

Which Breast Pump Should I Buy? Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are operated by hand. You either squeeze a trigger or slide a cylinder back or forth to create suction, which pulls the milk from your breasts.

These breast pumps tend to be small and inexpensive. This makes them ideal for traveling, but they do only work well for short-term use, or for occasional pumping.

If you are planning to pump often and pump large volumes of breast milk, it can become tiring using a manual breast pump, and it might take quite long as well.

Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Which Breast Pump Should I Buy? Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Battery operated breast pumps are ideal to use only if you are pumping once a day or less, and you do not like using a manual pump.

These breast pumps are usually not very strong and do not work to stimulate milk production or help to maintain milk supply, and you will need your baby to breastfeed to keep your milk flowing.

Battery operated breast pumps are small and portable and are fairly easy to use. Just keep in mind that they do need batteries, and this might become costly over time. It is always a good idea to have a spare set of batteries on hand.

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric Breast Pumps

For mums who pump often, an electric breast pump is a good option and will give you the best results. Electric breast pumps are stronger than the other types, and they can be used to establish, maintain, and increase your milk supply.

Electric breast pumps are the most efficient and will save you so much time pumping. However, they are more expensive, large, and you do need a power source when pumping. You can often find double electric breast pumps. This cuts down pumping time in half!

Bulb-Style Pumps

Bulb Style Pumps

These bulb-style pumps are also known as bicycle horn pumps, thanks to their shape. These are not recommended for breastfeeding mums. They have insufficient suction, are unsanitary, and can even harm your breast. Avoid using these pumps if possible.

Can I Use A Used Breast Pump?

When pumping, you need to ensure that the milk is kept as sterile as possible, which is why it can be quite tricky purchasing a used breast pump.

Certain breast pumps can be used by more than one person. These can be taken apart and sterilized, and the parts which come into contact with the milk are disposable. Often, these types of pumps are used in hospitals, and mums can rent them for a short amount of time. They are also available during your stay in the hospital.

Personal breast pumps are not recommended for use by more than one person, as they cannot be completely sterilized and run the risk of transmitting germs.

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