It is so incredibly easy to fall into the trap of focussing on your kids and work and completely forgetting to spend time together as a couple, outside of the world of parenting! Understanding why date night should be a regular thing, and accepting that it is a healthy choice for not only your relationship but your family as a whole, will hopefully encourage you to prioritize parent-only dates!

Feeling Connected

Why Date Night Should Be A Regular Thing Feeling Connected

Losing the connection you had before having children happens easily. You both carry the stress of supporting and providing for your family, and your relationship takes a back seat. Your identity as a partner in a couple becomes lost in your role as a parent. While being a parent is wonderful, being a partner is just as important.

Having a parent-only date night is a wonderful way for you both to feel connected to each other outside of the world of parenting. Use the time to engage in your interests and hobbies and talk about things that will draw you together again.

Setting An Example

Why Date Night Should Be A Regular Thing Setting A Good Example

While date night is a great opportunity for both of you to escape the busy world of parenting and connect with each other again, it also sets a wonderful example for your children. It shows them what a healthy relationship looks like, and helps them understand that it is okay to be separated from you for a little while.

Use it as an opportunity to model what you might expect from them and dating when they grow up, such as teaching your son to be a gentleman and to teach your daughter what to expect from dating, and how to draw her own boundaries.

Get Rid Of Excuses

Get Rid Of Excuses

Finding excuses to avoid going on dates is really easy when you have kids. There is no time, money is tight, you don’t trust anyone to watch your kids, the list goes on. Get rid of these excuses and plan to spend some time together away from home. If money is an issue, budget for a month beforehand and choose a cheaper date option. There really is no excuse that can prevent you from planning a wonderful date night.

You Need Time Outside Of Being A Parent

Why Date Night Should Be A Regular Thing

Having your personality become ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ is pretty easy. While you are probably incredibly happy and grateful to be a parent, that is not all you are. Taking the time to go on dates every now and then with your significant other will help you remember who you were before you became a parent, and hopefully who you were and who you are can merge together to create the best version of yourself!

Be Creative With Dates

Get Creative With Dates

If you really can’t spend nights away at a fancy restaurant, go for a quick coffee date at lunch. A date can be anything you want it to be, as long as you and your partner have time together to reconnect, away from the kids, and your parental responsibilities!


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