Growing plants is a magical journey, especially for kids. Seeds are placed in the ground and soon little sprouts are growing and reaching out to the sky. There are many reasons why you should start a veggie garden with your kids, going much further than just having some fresh veggies in the garden.

There are so many benefits, and lessons to learn, with planting a veggie garden with your kids, no matter their age.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should garden with your children:

It Encourages Messy Play

Why You Should Start A Veggie Garden With Your Kids

When starting and maintaining a veggie garden, your kids will need to get very messy. They will be planting seeds, digging soil, and pulling out weeds. They will be covered in mud, and how wonderful that is! Dirt is full of some great microbes that actually help to build up their immune system, and kids are always most happy when covered in dirt!

It Gets The Kids Outside

Why You Should Start A Veggie Garden With Your Kids Kids Outside

Kids often refuse to play outside because “there is nothing to do”. Starting a veggie garden gives them something to do, and therefore encourages them to play outside! It is a perfect way to entice your children to go outside every day to water the growing veggies and to check on their progress. Being outside helps your kids to stay active and to reduce stress as well.

It Encourages Healthy Eating

Why You Should Start A Veggie Garden With Your Kids Healthy Eating

Even picky eaters will be excited to try out the veggies they have grown on their own. Starting a veggie garden with your children opens up different opportunities to talk about healthy eating, and becoming self-sustainable. To get your kids even more interested, you could try to find seeds for vegetables which aren’t commonly found in stores, such as yellow watermelons and purple carrots

It Develops Muscles and Coordination

Muscle and Coordination

Through digging, planting, pruning, and picking, gardening helps to develop fine motor skills, coordination, and helps to build muscles. It is a great way to encourage physical activity.

It Teaches Important Lessons

Important Lessons

Gardening teaches kids some very important lessons. One important lesson kids learn from gardening is how to grow their own food, a skill that everyone should know. There is also a unique science to gardening, and it encourages questions such as what plants need to grow, how seeds sprout, etc. There is also the lesson of caring for plants and practicing patience in waiting for good things. Successfully growing veggies at home will give your kids self-confidence in achieving something on their own.

Connecting To Nature

There is something so special about a child forming a bond with Mother Nature, and gardening is a great way to nurture and promote this bond. It will teach your child responsibility towards nature, and how they play a role in taking care of it.

Gardening with your children and growing your own vegetables will also encourage them to be self-sustainable, being responsible for providing themselves with what they need to get by.

Overall, it is a fun activity that encourages bonding with your family, with some delicious veggie results!

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