Nothing can prepare you for childbirth, or for all the overwhelming emotions you will feel once your baby has arrived. If you are unsure of what to expect after giving birth, you are not alone. There are so many people willing to offer advice on what you can expect during your pregnancy, but this never really extends to what to expect with your emotions after childbirth.

While every mum has a different experience after birth, ranging from mild to severe emotions, here are a few feelings you might land up dealing with, and be assured that they are completely normal.

Your Emotions After Childbirth

Baby Blues

Baby blues are incredibly common after birth. You might find yourself crying throughout the day, and this can be confusing. The smallest things can set the tears off – the thought of your little one not staying so little forever, or spilling your tea on the floor. Feelings of weepiness, intermittent sadness, and emotional sensitivity are not unusual and are more due to a massive change in your life and your adjusting hormones.

However, if the baby blues go further than this, and you experience mood and anxiety symptoms, along with sleep disturbances or disturbing thoughts, you should seek help straight away.


As a mum to a newborn, you will experience some fears you never knew existed. The fears can range from minor to complex, and these can be really overwhelming. Many mums feel afraid that they won’t do what’s right for their baby, especially if it is their first child. This is so normal, trust in your abilities as a mom and ask for help and advice when you need it. You are not alone.


Joy is one of the better postpartum emotions you will feel, and there will definitely be some great emotions showing up now that your baby has arrived. However, your emotions after childbirth are often exaggerated, and the joy can be overwhelming. You will most likely find yourself with tears of joy watching your baby sleep, yawn or cough. This is one of the best periods of your life, so enjoy the joy!


Anger is another emotion that pops up after having a baby. This might seem odd, how can you be angry at such a small, precious bundle? But compounded with sleeplessness and feelings of not knowing what to do, anger can be a result of not being able to stop your baby crying, or not being successful with breastfeeding right away.

Anger is normal, and it is often fleeting, but if it continues and turns into irritability and a significant level of anger, it might be a symptom of a postpartum mood disorder, and you should reach out for help.


Doubt is a part of motherhood, and you will begin to doubt yourself from the day your baby is born, throughout the entirety of motherhood. You are responsible for this new little being, and all the decisions you make affect them. It is perfectly normal to doubt your decisions and actions, but try not to be too hard on yourself.

The Rollercoaster Of Emotions

Your Emotions After Childbirth

Giving birth is such a monumental moment in your life, and along with this massive change, and your adjusting hormones, you will be sent on quite a whirlwind of emotions, along with sleepless nights and a very dependant baby. Look for help, speak about your feelings to those closest to you, and if your emotions seem to go further than the normal baby blues, seek help and speak to a professional.


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